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Welcome to Mutual Aid Network Aotearoa (MAN Aotearoa)

MAN Aotearoa is a voluntary group established in April 2017 following the Living Economies Expo in Lyttelton where Stephanie Rearick introduced Mutual Aid Networks to the audience. Mutual Aid Networks (MANs) help people connect to each other and organisations to promote mutually beneficial community sharing and action.

Mutual Aid was established in Madison Wisconsin and now has linked networks elsewhere in the US, in the UK, South Africa and now New Zealand. Mutual Aid Networks connect mechanisms like savings pools, timebanks, mutual credit and cooperatives into a system that maximises the strengths of each one. They include re-envisioning work and how we provide for our needs, creating a cooperative, regenerative economy. Local Networks are connected by an umbrella cooperative, HUMANs (Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks), incorporated in Wisconsin, USA, and designed for global membership.

In New Zealand, groups in various locations have already established timebanks, savings pools, and so on with various degrees of linkage with each other, and with similar groups. The most organized of these is Timebanks Aotearoa New Zealand TBANZ, which links 23 established timebanks throughout New Zealand.

MAN Aotearoa exists to help strengthen these linkages, within New Zealand and overseas, by strengthening connections, and by helping people and groups link to, use and build on the existing Mutual Aid Networks framework. Being part of a Mutual Aid Network involves collaborating and experimenting, succeeding and failing, and sharing these experiences with all of the others in the network, so that we can seed and spread the ideas and tools of the regenerative economy quickly, compassionately and freely.

This simple website is a first step in that direction in Aotearoa, providing links to key existing groups. It will be built on over the coming months. Our Facebook page provides an opportunity for ongoing live dissemination and discussion of relevant material and issues.


Timebanking is a way of trading time and skills in a community, where time credits are used as payment instead of money. No matter what type of work is done, one hour always equals one time credit. Every person and every skill is equally valued.

Find my nearest timebank!

Savings Pools

Savings Pools are groups of people who pool their money together to invest in a common project or lend to others in the group, interest-free. More information on the Living Economies Website

Food Pools

Food pools are about growing, gathering or sourcing food locally through common effort. Current initiatives around the country include community gardens, rooftop gardens, open orchards, farmers' markets, urban foraging and neighbourhood fruit collection. More information on the Living Economies Website

Local Currencies, Cooperatives, Land Trusts

These are all ways of acting through community cooperation, and are practised in various parts of New Zealand. Check out this archived version of The Bank of Real Solutions. (We are currently investigating whether we can resurrect The Bank of Real Solutions, so watch this space :)

Mutual Aid Networks - Global

The mission of MANs is “To create means for everyone to discover and succeed in work they want to do, with the support of their community.” Together, they provide the tools needed to redesign how resources are pooled and allocated to support meaningful work and to fill unmet community needs. Local Networks are connected by an umbrella cooperative, HUMANs (Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks), incorporated in Wisconsin, USA, and designed for global membership.

Find out more about Mutual Aid Networks. Join the Humans!

Mutual Aid Network Aotearoa

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